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Equiline and Rockin B are being picked up on a as needed basis. Send or call when blankets are dropped off.

For the best turn around please take to Equiline or Rockin B we keep turnaround at those locations to four or ? weeks.

Large Orders: Call or Email for a date for a Barn Pickup – 15 items or more.

Bruce, Sherry and Tiffany have been in the Horse Blanket Cleaning, Washing and Repair business serving the Front Range since 1995. Our clients range anywhere from personal barns to boarding facilities/show barns with over 200 horses.We own Large Commercial Front Load Washers that double rinse your blanket leaving it soap free and maintaining its’ waterproofing properties. All Blankets are air-dried. When repairing we go out of way to restore your blanket to its’ original state. We can pick up at your facility:

It’s a simple as:

OR  Drop off at one of our convenient locations: